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Representative 49.9% APR

Borrow £3,250 over 36 months at a Representative Rate of 49.9% APR at an annual interest rate of 41.16% (fixed), you pay 36 instalments of £158.57. Total charge of credit is £2,464.57, total amount payable £5,714.67.

What is a guarantor loan?

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Why use this website?

We love guarantor loans and have been helping people get easy access to the very best deals since 2015.

We even do no guarantor loans!

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Easy access to all the best deals. One simple form to
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This site is free for you to use - all loans cost the same as if you went to the lender directly.

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Typically, the lowest APR unsecured loans for people with a poor credit history:

Guarantor Loans 29.9% to 49.9%
Doorstep Loans 535% to 716%
Installment Loans 529% to 1,314%
Payday Loans 529% to 1,314%

For the lowest rates , you need a guarantor , a friend/family member to back your application.


A guarantor loan is typically:

  • Lower cost  -   the cheapest with 29% - 49.9% representative APR rates* versus 272% - 1,575% for doorstep, instalment and payday.
  • Larger amounts  -  up to £20,000
  • Quick  -  some pay-out the same day
  • Guarantor  -  a friend or a family member is required to be your guarantor to back your application
  • Trust-based lending  -  if your guarantor trusts you enough to support your application, lenders typically will too.

* Rates and amounts available vary from lender to lender; the rate and amount you are offered will depend on your personal circumstances.


What is a guarantor? Someone who backs your application and guarantees your loan.

Your guarantor has a better chance of being accepted via us as we have all the UK’s top guarantor lenders on our panel.

Who can be a guarantor? The ideal person is a family member (including spouse), close friend, or colleague who:

  • Age  -  is from 18 to 80
  • Residential status  -  is a tenant, living with parents or homeowner*
  • Credit Rating  -  good to marginally imperfect
  • Income  -  regular income required (pension acceptable)
  • Affordability  -  needs to be able to make the loan repayment if you were unable to

More information see > Being a Guarantor – what you need to know

* With a homeowner guarantor, you could get access to the better deals from 29.9% APR


Top Questions

  • 1

    What are guarantor loans?

    A type of loan that requires the borrower to find someone to guarantee their application 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

    • Typically, a family member or friend (with a good credit rating and regular income).
    • The borrower and guarantor both sign the credit agreement.
    • If the borrower defaults, the guarantor may have to make the loan repayments.

    This helps people with a bad credit rating gain access to affordable finance.

  • 2

    Who are guarantor loans for?

    People with a damaged credit history who may struggle to get a personal loan from their bank, but still looking for:

    1. More affordable finance  –  around 49.9% APR versus 500%+ for other types of adverse credit loan.
    2. A larger amount  –  from £1,000 up to £20,000 vs a max of £2,000 for other types of loan.
    3. To repair their credit score, by taking out a loan and paying it back.
  • 3

    How to find a guarantor?

    It’s best to first ask close family and friends with a strong credit history, people who know and trust you 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽

    Before you do, it’s worth doing a little bit of preparation, to give them the information they may ask for:

    • Why you need the money  –  a good reason why you need the amount you need and what it is for
    • You can afford the monthly repayments  –  the biggest concern they will have is the monthly repayments, that they are not stuck paying these. So, you will need to show them that you can comfortably afford the monthly repayments.
    • Full details about being a guarantor  –  this can be found on our detailed page Being A Guarantor Guide

    For more information see: How do you find the perfect guarantor?

  • 4

    How quickly is the money paid out?

    The application process is fast, and within twenty-four hours is possible ⏱️

    There is no guarantee that will happen and typical time delays are:

    • Time for the borrower to fully complete their application, and provide required information to the lender.
    • Time for the borrower to find a guarantor.
    • Time for the guarantor to fully complete their application, and provide required information to the lender.

    Once all this is done, it’s possible to get loan funds paid out within twenty-four hours of receiving a fully completed application

  • 5

    Am I guaranteed to get accepted?

    No, approval cannot be guaranteed 🤞🏼

    Though 9 out of 10 of our lender applicants get accepted.

    • Every lender has its own criteria , and whether they decide to lend to you will depend on your personal situation the status of you, and your loan guarantor.
    • If you and your guarantor meet the lender's criteria , then this will greatly increase your chances.

    Warning: avoid anyone claiming that they guarantee you will be approved, as this is strictly forbidden by the FCA.

    For more information see here.

  • 6

    Do you do loans without a guarantor?

    Yes 👍

    We offer many types of loans for people with a bad credit history:

    • Guarantor
    • Doorstep
    • Installment Loan
    • Payday Loan

    Just fill out our loan application to find the lenders who have pre-approved your application.

  • 7

    My bank has turned me down, can you help?

    We cannot guarantee this, but it is possible 👍

    Many people who have failed their banks’ credit checks for an unsecured loan from their bank have been approved for a guarantor loan (subject to meeting their criteria affordability checks).

    Whilst there is no guarantee you will be approved, if you apply , you will be shown a list of lenders who have pre-approved your application (with no hard checks on your credit file).

  • 8

    Will I get credit checked?

    For getting quotes via this website there will not be a credit check 👍

    • The lenders just do a 'soft search' and this does not impact your file in any way.
    • When you make a full application and enter your personal details to a lender you will be credit checked, but if you have a poor credit rating that is not a problem.

    Our lenders also consider

    • Your guarantor's credit file, their financial situation, and income
    • Affordability for the monthly repayment for you and your guarantor

    Once you are making your monthly loan repayments, these will be recorded on your credit file which will start building up your credit score.

  • 9

    How much can I borrow, and how can I use the money?

    They start from £500 and go up to £15,000 👍

    • So, if you're after a £1,000  ,  £2,000  ,  £3,000  ,  £5,000  ,  £10,000  or  £15,000 loan, we've got you covered.

    Our lenders understand the many reasons why you may need additional funds

    Amongst many other things, a concern for the lenders is that you and your guarantor, can comfortably afford the loan payments.

    So, they will do an affordability assessment, contact the credit reference agencies, and ensure you have a suitable guarantor.

    More Questions

  • 1

    What will be the monthly instalments?

    Your monthly repayments are worked out from

    1. The amount you have borrowed
    2. The period of time you have chosen to have the loan

    This can be estimated on our loan calculator.

  • 2

    Do I, or my guarantor, need to be homeowners?

    No, most of our lender’s welcome tenants and non-homeowners 🏡

    • Your guarantor can be a tenant, for the options click here.
    • You can be a tenant or living with parents.
    • The credit is ‘unsecured’, so is not secured against property.

    Note, the lowest rates and largest amounts however are only available to borrowers + guarantors who are homeowners.

  • 3

    What fees and charges are there?

    There are no fees or charges for applying

    • This website is free for you to use  –  we’re paid by the lenders
    • Our lenders do not charge to make an application  –  interest, fees, and charges only starts once you’ve taken out the finance
    • You will not save money by going to a direct lender

    To get details of the fee charged by your chosen lender Get Quotes

  • 4

    What is the cheapest option?

    Starting from 29.9% Representative APR 👍

    • These are only available to homeowner borrowers and guarantors
    • 49.9% is the typical representative APR
    • If you cannot get a guarantor, 'no guarantor' options start at 69.9%
    • The finance available to you depends on your own personal circumstances.
    • See here a list of the lowest cost guarantor options.

    Note: you can minimise monthly loan repayments by selecting longer loan terms, see our calculator to estimate this.

    To find out the options available to you fill out this 3-minute form to get quotes.

  • 5

    Is it safe to use

    Yes, we are fully regulated Credit Brokers based in the UK

    • Fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Permission Reference Number 715726
    • Your data is safe as we are Registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) ZA535774
    • We only work with the best UK lenders, who are also FCA and ICO registered.

    If you are concerned about using any financial firm on the internet, see:

  • 6

    What if I make late repayments?

    Contact your lenders straight away if you are having financial difficulties ☎️

    We only work with responsible lenders, who will always do what they can to assist you if you fall into difficulties.

    • Step 1  –  call your lender
    • Step 2  –  explain in detail your situation
    • Step 3  –  agree on a plan with them that is sustainable for you

    If after speaking with your lender it becomes clear that you are unable to make the repayments, they will contact your guarantor to take on your loan debts for you.

  • 7

    Can I pay off the loan early?

    Most of our lenders do allow over-payments and paying off early without penalty 👍

    • Check precise details with your chosen lender before signing the agreement, to ensure this meets your needs.
    • Contact your lender prior to making the overpayment to discuss the exact arrangements.
  • 8

    Can I change my mind after signing the agreement?

    YES 👍

    Under the Consumer Credit Act

    • Right to Cancel  –  you have the right to cancel your loan agreement
    • 14-Days  –  without having to give a reason within 14 days.

    This can be done verbally or in writing to the contact details listed on your credit agreement.

    • Repay all money  –  you will be required to repay any money that you have received from the lender,
    • Pay Interest Fees  –  plus all interest and fees that have accumulated since receiving the funds.
  • 9

    Are yours like a payday loan?

    NO 👎

    Payday are small loans typically up to £1,500 (we do loans up to £15,000)

    • With high-interest rates up to 1,500% Representative APR (our interest rates are typically 49.9%).
    • For short periods of up to 4 weeks only (ours are typically from 6 months to 5 years).

    For more information see our FAQs

  • 10

    Even more questions?

    See our detailed, FAQ section plus resources on other websites:

Who can get a loan?

Bad credit score

Missed payments? Have a CCJ? Not a problem 👍

We specialise in affordable options for poor credit.

See our bad credit borrowing options.


Not owning your own home is not a problem 😊

Our lenders welcome tenants and non-homeowners.

See our non-homeowner options.

Self-employed people

Don't have 2-3 years accounts? Can't find affordable credit 🤦

Do not worry, we can help.

We've fast, affordable borrowing options for self-employed get quotes now

On benefits

On benefits with no employment income? Been turned down for credit 😤

Our panel of lenders help people on benefits.

We have quick online options for you get quotes now

No credit history

Not borrowed before & have zero credit history? Been refused lending 😣

We specialise in loans for people with no credit history.

Get quotes to see your options.


Own your own home, but have a poor credit score and need a loan?

Homeowners can get access to the more affordable loans from 29.9% APR if their guarantor is a homeowner too 👍

See the options available for you:

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What can the funds be used for?

Car Finance

Looking for a new car or need to repair the one you have? Our lender's give you solutions.

See car finance

Debt Consolidation

Have short term credit with high-interest rates or credit card debt? You may be able to reduce your monthly repayments by consolidating these into one loan.

See debt consolidation


Unexpected expenses can hit at any time? We can help with a quick loan to cover that boiler fix, replacement car, or larger than expected tax bill!

See emergency loans.

Home Improvements

Maybe it’s time to replace the kitchen, add a conservatory, or get a new carpet. With options up to £15,000, our lenders may provide options where others could not.


Whether you need to travel for business or personal reasons, our lenders could provide you with the money you need.


Raising business finance can be tough, especially if you’re new and have a poor credit rating. Our lenders may be able to get you the funds you need to start that business you have always dreamt of.

Direct Guarantor Loans

Deals sorted by

Buddy Logo

Buddy Loans

  • Representative49.9% APR
  • Borrow£1,000 to £7,500
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner or Tenant
Guarantormyloan Logo

Guarantor My Loan

  • Representative48.9% APR (fixed)
  • Borrow£1,000 to £10,000
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner or Tenant
TrustTwo logo

Trust Two
ACTIVE: Low rate for Homeowner Guarantor

  • Representative37.9% APR
  • Borrow£500 to £15,000
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner only
TrustTwo logo

Trust Two
ACTIVE : Tenant Guarantor

  • Representative49.74% APR
  • Borrow£500 to £15,000
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeTenant or living with parents
Lowest APR
UK Credit Logo

UK Credit
ACTIVE: Borrower & Guarantor must be homeowners

  • Representative29.9% APR
  • Borrow£5,000 to £20,000
  • Term36 to 84 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner only
Amigo Logo


  • Representative49.9% APR
  • Borrow£500 to £10,000
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner or Tenant
1 + 1 Logo

1 Plus 1

  • Representative47.8% APR
  • Borrow£1,000 to £10,000
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner or Tenant
George Banco Logo

George Banco

  • Representative49.7% APR
  • Borrow£1,000 to £15,000
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner or Tenant
Bamboo Logo

PERSONAL ONLY (Guarantor suspended due to COVID-19)

  • Representative69.9% APR
  • Borrow£1,000 to £8,000
  • Term12 to 60 Months
  • Guarantor TypeHomeowner or Tenant