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CCJs and defaults considered

Our lenders loans are trust based lending. With the view that if your friend or family member is willing to back you, that even if you do have a bad credit history then they will trust you too.

No fee no obligation

There is no fee for using our service and the loan cost is the same as if you went direct to the lender. Even after applying to a lender there is no obligation to take out a loan until you have signed and returned your loan agreement.

Representative APR 39.9%

Representative Example - borrow £3,000 over 3 years, monthly repayments are £134.10, interest and fees are £1,827.60, total to repay is £4,827.60.

What can the loans be used for?

It is your choice how you use the money, some examples below:

Our lenders fully understand there are many reasons why you may need access to additional funds. Whether that be for nice things such as home improvements or holidays, or to cover emergencies. Their main concern is that you can afford their monthly repayments. Below are some example of why a loan may be needed, though you are not limited to only getting a loan for these reasons.


Frequently asked questions

1What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan is a type of unsecured personal loan that requires both the borrower and a guarantor to sign the loan agreement. A guarantor is someone who takes on the responsibility of the loan debt from the borrower if the borrower defaults on their repayments. Guarantor’s are typically a friend or relative of the borrower with a good credit rating and regular income.

2How do I find a guarantor?

Finding someone to be you loan backer and support your application is a key part of the process; the best place to start is with close family and friends, someone who knows and trusts you.

As this is such an important part of the process please see our page Being a Guarantor for further information.

3Do I, or my guarantor, need to be a homeowner?

Neither you or your backer need to own your own home, though the lowest rates are only available to those whose guarantors do.

For further information on the implications of either being a homeowner or tenant, please see our dedicated page on Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans.

Please note that this DOES NOT mean that the loan will be secured against you guarantor’s home, all our lenders loans are unsecured.

4How can I find the cheapest loan?

Our lenders offer some of the lowest interest rates available for bad credit loans from £500 to £15,000; though APR’s still do vary between 39.9% - 54.9%.

The best way for you to find the cheapest loan is to look at our compare loans table, this will give you the rates of different loans and lenders.

For further reading on getting the very best loan deal, see our page Low APR Loans.

5How can I find the best loan for me?

The quickest way for you to find the best loan for your own personal circumstances is to use our Best for You Loan Selector. Simply fill in your criteria and using our clever technology we will find the best loan for you.

Or go to our compare loans table, and sort the different loans according to size, length, customer rating etc.

6If I apply am I guaranteed to be successful?

Unfortunately, a success loan application cannot be guaranteed.

Every lender has its own criteria, and whether they decide to lend to you will wholly depend on the status of you, and your guarantor and the lenders specific criteria at the time you apply.

For more information, see our page Guaranteed loans?

7Are you similar to a payday loan?

Not really, payday loans are small loans typically up to £2,000 maximum, have very high interest rates up to 1,500% Representative APR, and are intended for short loan period of up to 4 weeks.

Whereas Guarantor Loans are typically from 6 months to 5 years with much lower Representative APR’s.

To see the differences between payday and guarantor loans see our article "A more affordable payday loan alternative".

8Are you an alternative to bankruptcy?

If you are thinking about Bankruptcy, then you need to make sure you get some good information and advice.

Our Alternative to Bankruptcy page lists some high quality information and advice resources.

We also explain the limited circumstances where a guarantor loan could be an alternative to bankruptcy.

9I still need more information?

To get further details about the criteria you and your guarantor need to meet, and lots more, please see our guarantor loan page.

10Related information on other websites

For further reading please see the following related articles:

Who can get a loan?

Available to those who may have struggled to find affordable credit in the past

Loan companies typically look at the borrower’s credit score, so if you have a bad credit history you may struggle when applying to the ‘high street’ lenders. Below are examples of the types of people our lenders help.

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