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Guarantor Loans UK may share your information with and obtain information about you from credit reference agencies and other companies, for use in credit decisions and for fraud prevention. For further details on how we use your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Statement.



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• Are you certain the loan you are applying for is affordable?

Before taking out any loan, you should always be comfortable that it is affordable for the full term of the loan barring any unforeseen circumstances. To help you work this out we have a Loan Calculator which will estimate monthly payments; and we also recommend you fill out the Budget Sheet provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

• Loan application success is not guaranteed

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that even that if you meet our lenders typical eligibility criteria, that your loan application, or the loan amount applied for will be successful. All loan approvals are subject to , this is down to the discretion of each individual lender. Typically, however, if you do meet the criteria, and thanks to our wide range of lenders, the chances are that you will be able to get a loan.

• Read the lenders terms and conditions before you sign

If you decide to proceed with one of the quotes that you receive from our lenders, you will be receiving a Credit Agreement from that lender. Before signing this agreement, we strongly recommend that you take your time to thoroughly read through the Credit Agreement, so you are fully aware off all the terms and conditions that you will be bound too. If you have any questions regarding the agreement, we recommend you either call the lender to discuss anything you are unclear about, or for free and impartial money advice set up by the UK Government, contact

• More detail of our free brokering service

Use our FREE brokering services for an instant lending decision - we will instantly tell you which of our panel of lenders are in principle able to lend to you. We will also email you the results. You can immediately complete your application online with your chosen lender using their e-signature service (no copy documentation or ID required). In this case it is possible for you to receive your loan within 24 hours of submitting your enquiry via our form. When deciding to submit your enquiry to us please keep in mind that you aren't under any obligation to proceed with any loan offer made to you. Our broker service is provided free of charge. If you take out a loan we receive a commission from the lender but this is paid by the lender, not you. Nothing is added to your loan amount.

• Implications of non-payment

Collection: In the first instance your lender will contact you and may also contact your guarantor. Your guarantor may be required to make the due payment(s) on your behalf. Please read the responsible lending policy.

Financial: Any lender may reserve the right to charge a default sum on non-payment.

Potential Impact to Users' Credit Score: Defaults will be recorded on the borrower's credit file and as a result may make it more difficult for the borrower to obtain credit in the future.

Rollovers & Renewals: Loans of £500 and under have a minimum fixed term of 6 months. There is no rollover allowed. You are permitted to repay early at no additional cost. You are encouraged to repay the loan as fast as possible to minimise the interest charged.