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6 top tips on comparing loans


1. Determine what you can afford per month

Before you start looking for a loan it is worth working out what you can afford per month to pay out for a loan.

For if you can only realistically afford £50 per month, then a £12,000 is never going to be a viable option.

Step 1 is approximating your monthly repayments by using our loan calculator.

2. Find out if your guarantor is a homeowner

Before you spend time comparing the loans it is worth finding out if your guarantor is a homeowner of not.

The lowest rate loans are for guarantors who own their own homes, so knowing this beforehand will make a different when comparing the different options.

3. Sort by APR

We would usually suggest you try and find the loan that has the lowest rate of interest, and this can be found by sorting the table by APR.

Typically, the lower the APR, the less you will pay out over the course of the loan.

4. Read up on the lenders

After sorting by APR, you will see the top lenders.

We would suggest you read our pages on those particular lenders, so you can get a better understanding of each one that you are interested in.

5. Request quotes from three lenders

To find out exactly the current rates of interest, fees and costs of each lender, you will be required to request a quote from that lender.

By requesting up to three quotes, you will be able to easily compare real costs, but not have too many to look at, which could be daunting.

Please note that this request this does not:

  • Cost you any money – we are a free service
  • Obligate you to anything
  • Effect your credit file – its only after you make a loan application that your file will be checked

6. More information on other websites

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