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Are You Entitled to Airline Compensation?

With the summer here and millions of people flying in and out of the UK it might be in your interest to keep an eye on your flight time. We almost always now expect some sort of transport delay during busy holiday periods whether it is on the roads, rail or in the air. However, a recent Which? Investigation has found that many airline passengers could be missing out on millions of pounds in compensation.

Looking at the period between June 2014 and May 2015 they found 37 million passenger journeys coming in or out of the UK were subject to a delay of more than 15 minutes. Of these around 900,000 people should be entitled to compensation but only around 38% ever make a claim.

If you are delayed for more than three hours, in certain circumstances, you could claim up to €600. The Denied Boarding Regulation covers those flying with either an EU-based airline or from an EU airport.

The Which? Investigation found that there are more than 9000 delayed flights each year of more than three hours affecting an average of 97 people per flight.

After surveying more than 7000 members Which? discovered that only four in 10 or 38% had claimed for compensation following a flight delay. Many of those asked said the reason they hadn’t claimed was due to a lack of information from the airline.

The conditions in which you can claim are complicated and delays caused by “extraordinary circumstances” are not covered which puts many people off even attempting to contact the airlines but if you think you might be entitled to compensation following a long delay it is worth pursuing.

Which? has a wealth of information available including template letters to help you complete and submit your claim. Hopefully you won’t need them this year but if you do we wish you luck.

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Clare McDonald
Clare McDonald
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