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Cheap Ways to Entertain the Children at Christmas

Christmas is expensive enough at the best of times but if you have school age children you are faced with the extra cost of keeping them occupied during the holidays. Here are a few ways you could entertain them without breaking the bank:

  1. Organise a Treasure Hunt. If you have friends in the area why not get together and create a treasure hunt in your local park or neighbourhood? Someone will need to organise it but they then get to sit out the hunt and enjoy some peace and quiet before it’s time to share out the prizes! Perhaps include things you can find in shop windows, different plants and Christmas lights on local houses.
  2. Make the most of discounted cinema offers. Many companies offer cheap cinema tickets, especially if you are prepared to get there early. The Vue Cinema Kids AM tickets, for example, start at just £1.99 for both adults and children.
  3. Have a play date. With children receiving so many new toys for Christmas why not invite friends over to road-test them? With luck other parents will reciprocate and you can have a quiet afternoon one day! If you want to clear some space why not take the opportunity to get them to put to one side toys they no longer want and either donate them to a good cause or sell them on eBay or perhaps at a local NCT sale?
  4. Take advantage of cheap restaurant offers. Christmas and New Year are busy times for many restaurants but there are several days that they won’t be as busy and these are good times to make use of discount vouchers. If in doubt ask as there are often deals that aren’t well publicised.
  5. Check your local press for events near you. There are so many things going on in the UK at Christmas it is impossible for them to all be listed in one place. Look at the website of your local paper or follow them on Twitter or Facebook to find out what’s on in your local area. You’ll probably find some hidden gems and special offers you had no idea about.

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Clare McDonald
Clare McDonald
As a mother of two, Clare knows the importance of being careful with money, so writes posts from personal experience.Clare also loves to find great deals, so shares her finding here.

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