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Two Options for Consolidating Your Payday Loans


In these harsh and uncertain economic times, it can be quite challenging to be financially stable as an individual. The cost of living and the high cost of essential services such as utility bills and education add on to the many financial challenges that people are facing today.

To quickly solve these money problems, many small and medium income earners have been rushing to take out payday loans with extremely high-interest rates from various lending companies. This decision may end up straining a person’s paycheck income considerably. Consolidating all your payday loans into one personal loan is actually the best move you can make in the direction of financial stability.

So what is debt consolidation all about?An image of a debt bomb

A payday loans consolidation plan aims at providing some much-needed relief to a borrower in order to enable him or her to comfortably pay back all the money they owe various lending companies and financial institutions within the shortest time possible. It should be noted that debt consolidation is not a method of reducing the amount of money one owes different lenders but a means to provide an easier and more convenient payment arrangement for all money owed.

Consolidating payday loans will have the huge benefit of less planning and less paperwork as well. One will no longer be required to individually monitor all the payday loans remittances that have to be made each and every month.

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Option 1 – Negotiate with the payday lenderAn image of payday loan approval

Debt consolidation specialists normally do a thorough audit of debts attached to a certain borrower. Doing this helps the loan specialists to know the financial position of a client. This procedure also helps in coming up with the most appropriate debt consolidation plan or rather payday loans relief plan that best suits a client.

When this plan is set to take off, lawyers or debt management are called upon to negotiate with the various payday lenders in order for them to erase all debts attached to a certain borrower. These negotiations are done by professionals on your behalf and this saves a lot of time and money as well. When all the relevant stakeholders are consulted, all the applicable payday loans attached to a certain borrower are settled and the borrower can then start paying their single consolidated loan without much trouble.

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Consolidating loansAn image of a road sign

A lot of convenience and ease of payment is brought about by consolidating your payday loans. One can move on with their lives without fear or uncertainty about their hard earned income. Everyone wants to budget their monthly income or paycheck without any intimidation by third-party payday lenders who may sometimes go to extreme lengths to get their money back with huge interest on top of it.

Breaking free from this financial debt prison is very important and one should not hesitate from heading over to the right debt consolidation firms to seek assistance on the way forward. One of the major benefits that come with debt consolidation of payday loans is that a borrower can pay up a huge lump sum of money in a shorter duration of time.

Understanding the terms and conditions of the debt consolidation plan is very crucial and paramount. This helps you to know how much you will benefit from consolidating your payday loans into one single personal loan. The benefits are still very clear and one does not need to think a lot about it as this is also a waste of time.

Do not waste time, go ahead and free yourself from all those nagging debts.

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Option 2 – Take out a cheaper loan to pay for the payday debtsAn image showing discounts

There are loans available to those with bad credit that are significantly cheaper than a payday loan, and if you have a backer with a clean credit file, these could be as low as 39% APR.

So you would take out this loan to pay off your other debts, to then greatly reduce your monthly outgoings, which should enable you to eventually pay off your new loan.

If you would like more details of the loans available and the costs, please see our main website which will give you more details.

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