Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

Fast £100 - £15,000 loans for life's unexpected emergencies 😀

What loans can I use for an emergency?

Affordable poor credit loans paid out on the same day of your application *

  • Unsecured Loans from £1,000 - £5,000 with rates from 26.9% - 89.9%
  • Guarantor Loans from £1,000 - £15,000 with Representative APRs from 39.9 - 59.9%

How quickly can I get the money?

It will depend on how quickly you get the lender the information they need:

  • Unsecured Loans can be quicker, but a little more expensive as you don't need a guarantor - most can payout the same day *
  • Guarantor Loans can theoretically payout same day, but you'll need to have all guarantor information to hand *

Payout times depend on you getting the required information to the lender in good time (some need a guarantor). 

Man Repairing a Fridge

Representative 49.9% APR

Borrow £3,250 over 36 months at a Representative Rate of 49.9% APR at an annual interest rate of 41.16% (fixed), you pay 36 instalments of £158.57. Total charge of credit is £2,464.57, total amount payable £5,714.67.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Financial emergency due to COVID-19?

Are you under financial strain as a direct result of the Corona Virus Pandemic?

Have you had your income reduced, lost your job or business?

These are certainly very worrying and uncertain times.


What emergencies can I use the money for?

Anything (as long it's legal) * 😀

How you use the money is up to you, though one of the main requirements from all lenders is that the repayments are comfortably affordable for you.

Past customers have used their emergency funds for:

* Though many lenders will not allow expenses such as gambling


How much can I borrow?

Loans available from £1,000 to £15,000 💷


  • One of the main things our lenders look is whether the credit is affordable to you (and if applicable your guarantor) for the full term of the agreement.
  • Also see: Loan Criteria?


  • Try and think calmly about the situation you are in and the money you need.
  • Work out the minimum amount you need to borrow.
  • Remember anything you borrow must be paid back plus interest.
  • If you can ‘sleep on it’, this will help you to make a rational decision.
  • Try cutting back on other things in your life and business so to minimise any borrowing.



I have a poor credit rating, does it matter?

NO 👍

We’ve been helping people since 2015 with

Plus, those who have damaged their credit file by

  • Frequently setting up new accounts
  • Constantly being at their credit limit
  • Apply for credit too often

Find out how to start improving your credit score?


Will I get accepted?

We can offer a better chance of getting accepted than most other websites 👍

Our panel of over 27 poor credit lenders means that we have solutions for most people

  • As long as you have loan affordability 
  • And are not insolvent

So we cannot guarantee that you'll be accepted but have maximised your chances.

More FAQs


Are yours payday loans?

NO 👍

Payday loans are for a few weeks only and

  • Have high-interest rates typically from 365% to 1,575%
  • Are small amounts typically from £50 up to £1,000

Our unsecured and guarantor loans are from 1 to 5 years and:

  • Have representative APRs typically from 29% to 54.9%
  • Are larger amounts from £1,000 to £15,000

Why get a guarantor loan if they take longer?


If you have a poor credit rating, then the guarantor loan is typically the lowest cost

  • Guarantor: 29% - 54.9%
  • Doorstep: 535% - 757%
  • Installment: 135% - 1,315%
  • Payday: 365% - 1,575%

Is an emergency loan the solution?

Before you apply, consider whether an additional debt is the only solution for you 🤔

Some ideas

  • Vehicles
    • Friend or relative who is ‘good with cars’ who may be able to help with cheaper repairs?
    • Are you able to look up how to solve the problem online and do it yourself?
    • Buy a much cheaper vehicle up until you have saved the money for the one, you’d prefer?
  • Home
    • Does that repair really need to be done now?
    • Friend or relative who may be able to help with cheaper repairs?
    • Are you able to look up how to solve the problem online and do it yourself?
  • Tax
    • Try calling the Inland Revenue, discuss your situation, and if they can help with a payment plan?
  • Business
    • Try speaking to your suppliers, and see if they will extend their terms so that maybe some of your expenses are deferred to when you can afford them?

In many situations, there can be alternative solutions and it is sensible to consider all these before committing to more debt.


What’s the difference between unsecured & guarantor loans?

Good question*



  • Poorer credit files – available to those with the lower credit scores
  • Less Expensive - Representative APRs typically from 29% to 54.9%
  • Borrow more – from £1,000 up to £15,000


  • Guarantor – you need to find someone to be your guarantor
  • Slower – can be slower as you need a guarantor and all the information from them (can be quick, even same day if they are)



  • Quicker – as you do not need a guarantor, they are more likely to be paid out the same day
  • Simpler – only need application information from you


  • Credit score needs to be better
  • More Expensive – rates typically from 26.9% - 89.9%
  • Borrow less – £1,000 up to only £5,000

* Typical advantages and disadvantages only.


How do I apply?

Applying is easy and mostly online 📱

  1. Form - fill the 3-minute online application form
  2. Quotes – on clicking get quotes after you’ve filled out the form, these will be presented online in 30-seconds!
  3. Chose preferred – then chose your preferred quote and click on that deal
  4. Finish – complete application with your chosen lender

Note that some lenders may need to speak to you (or your guarantor, if applicable) to finalise your application.

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