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Common Questions

What is a guarantor loan?

A loan that required the backing of a guarantor. This makes affordable loans available to people with a poor credit score. Read More

How quickly will I get the loan?

With most of our lenders, it is possible to get loan funds paid out within twenty-four hours of submitting a completed application. Read More

How to find a guarantor for a loan?

Persuading someone to be your guarantor is more than just asking! We look at the 4 simple steps you need to take to successfully find a suitable guarantor. Read More

How to get out of being a loan guarantor?

Typically, getting out of being a guarantor is not easy! So, you need to think very carefully before agreeing to be a guarantor in the first place. However, there are limited circumstances where they may agree to remove you from your responsibilities. Read More

What Is The Guarantor Loan Eligibility Criteria?

It is useful to know the typical criteria that are required by all lenders. If you do not meet some of these, it will become clear that you will not qualify, thereby saving yourself a great deal of time. Read More

Will the Corona Virus affect getting a loan?

Coronavirus is reducing people's chances of getting a loan. Many lenders have staff unable to work, so they are unable to do the underwriting required to process new loan applications. Read More.