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Can I get a loan with bad credit?

Typically, yes👍

  • We’ve over 25 UK lenders who specialise in helping people with a poor credit rating.
  • So low credit scores, no credit score, CCJ, and defaults are all OK.
  • All our lenders will accept applicants who have a poor credit history.

Though you must be solvent, plus have a guarantor with a clean credit file.

All lenders do check your credit file when you make an application with them, but not to view your credit score!

  • They check your file to make sure you are not currently bankrupt, in an IVA (or insolvent).
  • Unlike banks, they generally do not base their lending decisions on your credit file, but instead on the credit score of your guarantor.
  • If you find a guarantor who trusts you and agrees to make any payments on your behalf, then the lender will trust you too.
  • While they do not judge you based on your credit score, they will review your financial commitments to confirm the loan is affordable to you would not put you in financial difficulty.


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