Guarantor loans for the non-homeowner

What you need to know
There are plenty of loan options for tenants and those who do not own their own home, on this page we help you to understand the options that you have and what to look out for.

Loans are available

For people who do not own their own home

The credit status of your loan backer is more important than yours

So if you are a tenant but have a guarantor with a clean credit file and regular income then read on as you may have plenty of

For people whose guarantor does not own their own home

Your loan backer’s income, employment and credit history is more important than if they are a homeowner

Our lenders offer options for those whose guarantors do not own their own homes, though you should note that the most competitive APRs and largest loans are only available to those who do.

How it Works

With this type of loan, the lender does not look at the status of the applicant but the person who is backing their application.

So it is not a problem if the applicant does not own their own home and has a poor credit, these are exactly the sort of people this type of loan was designed for.

It is key for the applicant to find a loan backer, someone with a good credit history to support their application, usually a family member or friend.

The main criteria for the loan backer is to have a clean credit file and a regular income; they do not have to be a homeowner, but the best rates are available to those who are.

Frequently asked questions

1What if my loan backer does not own their own home?

This is not a problem, as long as they have a clean credit file and a suitable regular income; though unfortunately you will not qualify for the lowest rate loans.

2Why are loans cheaper for homeowners?

Lenders look at statistics when deciding upon their loan rates, and statistics say that loan failure rates are higher for tenants compared to homeowners. That is not a reflection on you or your backer, but unfortunately just the lender’s own research statistics within the UK.

3How much will a loan therefore cost me?

To estimate your loan repayments please see our loan calculator.

To get an accurate quote and to find out exact loan repayments you will need to submit your details to the lenders via our loan apply page. Please note that there is no cost, obligation or credit check at this stage.

4What lenders are there to choose from?

We have partnered with the very best lenders in the UK, and a list of all the lenders and their loans can be found on our compare loans page.

It is worth spending a bit of time looking through this page for it will also help you to understand the different options that you have available.

5Do I get credit checked?

You will not be credit checked when you fill out the loan apply form on

At this stage your details will be sent to the lenders and they will contact you with their quotation.

At this stage you, or your guarantor do not get credit checked.

If you decide to take out a particular loan, then both you and your guarantor will be credit checked, but only after you have made a formal loan application with the lender.

6How much does it cost to use

We are a free service to use, we get paid by the lenders if you take out a loan.

Loans via us will cost you the same as if you went to the lenders directly. For more information, please see how we get paid.

7Where can I get more details on Guarantor Loans?

For more detail please see out dedicated page What is a Guarantor Loan?

8Where can my guarantor get more details about being a guarantor?

For much greater detail please see our page Being a loan guarantor

Loan Calculator

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This tool is for GUIDANCE ONLY. It is designed to help you estimate loan repayments. It uses the representative APR of each product. Lenders have a duty to conduct affordability checks when you apply for a loan, see Responsible Lending.

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