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Representative 49.9% APR

Borrow £3,250 over 36 months at a Representative Rate of 49.9% APR at an annual interest rate of 41.16% (fixed), you pay 36 instalments of £158.57. Total charge of credit is £2,464.57, total amount payable £5,714.67.
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The Guarantor Lenders


Amigo Loans

Amigo are currently the largest and most well-known guarantor lender in the UK.

Their loans start smaller than most others; from £500 rather than £1,000, but their representative APR of 49.9% is similar to many others on the market, and like many others, their loans go up to £7,500.

Amigo has the largest number of online reviews that you will find for any guarantor company, most of which are very positive, commenting on good customer service and speed of payout.

Their online application process we found to be one of the fastest, as was their Optio score:

  • Time to apply 1m 33s - Fast
  • Optio Score 82.9%

In summary, Amigo is a good quality lender and a well-established brand. For more information see our Amigo Loans page.


Bamboo Loans

Bamboo is a fairly new member of the guarantor market, formed in 2014.

Responsive - in our tests we found them to be very responsive and professional to deal with.

Unsecured loans - in addition to the guarantor loan, Bamboo also do an unsecured loan, so giving you more options.

Online reviews - Bamboo have an impressive number of positive online reviews built over a relatively short length of time.

Their online application form was a little long so took a touch longer to complete than others, but their Optio score was excellent:

  • Time to apply 3m 15s - Average
  • Optio Score 75.7%

For more information, see our Bamboo Loans page.


Buddy Loans

Buddy is one of the newer lenders within the guarantor space

But they have quickly established themselves as a good quality lender, and have earned already a great many positive online reviews.

Their ‘product’ range is fairly standard, offering £1,000 to £7,500 loans and a representative APR of 49.9%.

They would definitely be a company that we would consider alongside Amigo despite probably not being as well known yet.

Their online application process we found to be average, as was their Optio score:

  • Time to apply 2m 35s
  • Optio Score 58.6%

For more information, see our Buddy Loans page.


George Banco

George Banco’s product line is similar to Buddy and Amigo

Rep APR - their representative APR is slightly lower at 49.7%.

Great online reviews - they have to be in our top 10 as they also have some great online reviews, with many people commenting on how friendly and helpful their staff was, and that they did what they said.

Unsecured loans - in addition to the guarantor loan, George also does an unsecured loan, so giving you more options.

Quick application - we found their application process to be extremely quick, and their Optio score was also high:

  • Time to apply 1m 25s - Fast
  • Optio Score 73.1%

George Banco are an excellent lender, for more information see our George Banco page.


Guarantor My Loan

Guarantor My Loan are a little different, though much of this is behind the scenes.

Most lenders get their funds which they lend out from other banks, so they are often restricted by the terms of the banks from whom they get their money.

Guarantor my loan, on the other hand, are what is called a Peer to Peer lender. This means that individuals invest with them (other members of the public), and then this money is used as the fund from which they lend. The advantage is that they are not limited by lending banks terms, but the downside is that some of their criteria are a little tighter than some of the other lenders.

They offer a larger range of loans than others, from 29% APR (guarantor & borrower homeowner) to 99% APR (guarantor a tenant), and at this upper end they are more expensive than other tenant guarantor loans that you can get.

We found their online application process to be a little slow, and their Optio score was also a little lower:

  • Time to apply 3m 2s - Average
  • Optio Score 64.7%

Guarantor My Loan excel in being able to offer the lowest rates currently for homeowner borrower and guarantors; so if you fall into this category they are a good company that could save you money compared to others.

For more details, see our Guarantor My Loan page.


Trust Two

Trust Two are a new product from the well-established personal loans lender Everyday Loans.

Who currently have 35 high street branches throughout the UK.

So, while they may be new to the guarantor market, they are a very experienced lender.

Their product offering is similar to the others with £1,000 to £7500 loans, but the rates are good, and lower than average at 39.9% representative APR.

Their online application process was very quick, and we also found them to be professional and helpful so their Optio score was good too:

  • Time to apply 1m 31s - Fast
  • Optio Score 69.6%

Plus, with over 200 very positive reviews on, they certainly seem to be doing something right, and should be one of the lenders very worthy of your consideration.

For more information, see our Trust Two page.


UK Credit

UK Credit are one of the best value lenders in the guarantor space, with their representative APR of 39.9%.

Their rates do vary depending on whether you are a tenant or homeowner.

Their loans range from £1,000 to £7,000 which is similar to many of the other companies.

They have a good number of positive reviews online with Trust Pilot and The Review Centre, with lots of comments about 'good staff' and 'fast payout times'.

We found their online application process to be good, and their Optio score was average:

  • Time to apply 1m 45s - Fast
  • Optio Score 69.6%

If you are looking for one of the cheaper loans on the market, but also value good customer feedback, then UK Credit should be considered.

For further information, see our UK Credit page.


1 Plus 1

A well-established company in the UK loans market, lending from their offices in Lancashire since 2013.

Their loans are from £500 - £10,000, which is a larger range than most other companies.

They have a good number of reviews and a reputation for high-quality service and fast payout times.

We found their online application process to be average which did slightly reduce their Optio Score:

  • Time to apply 2m 48s – Average
  • Optio Score 64.7%

Their Representative APR is competitive compared to most other lenders with only UK Credit having a lower rate.

For more information see our 1 Plus One page.


Other companies (currently not partnering with)

Frequently asked questions


I have not heard of these companies, can I trust them?

Yes 👍

  • All lenders are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FCA) in the UK
  • All lenders have been in business for many years with numerous good customer reviews

Do the lenders only do guarantor loans?


How were the 8 guarantor lenders chosen?

We've rated all lenders with our 'Lender Rating', which takes into account 

  • Customer service
  • Time to apply
  • Customer reviews
  • How easy it was to apply
  • and more

We've listed the top eight lenders according to their Lender Rating.


Do banks do guarantor type loans?

  • Currently, none of the high street banks do this type of loan 😞
  • Only specialist lenders, such as those listed here

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