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Guarantor Loans from £500 to £5,000

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One Plus One was launched on 4th February 2013

and, despite being a relative new comer to the market, they have quickly established themselves as a good quality lender with a high number of positive online reviews. 1 + 1 are one of only three lenders on our panel that offer loans as low as £500 (the others being Amigo and The Quick Cash Club). While at £5,000 their loans are not as high as many of the other lenders, they also offer a good Representative APR of 45.4%, which is lower than the typical market rate of 49.9%, so they can be cheaper than some of their competitors.

In our tests the time for an online application of 2m 48 seconds was average, and using Choose Wisely’s Optio score, they are currently rated at 62.9%, which also is average (other lenders low 55% / high 78.9%).

So with some of the best rates in the market, especially for small loans from £500 to £1,000, they are a company very much worth considering.

Loans from
£500 to £5,000
Repayment duration
12 to 60 months
45.4% representative
See representative example
Lending performance rating
69.2 out of 100
Time to Apply
2m 48s - Average

Loan Highlights

No fees of any kind

You don't need to have a good credit history

You don't need to have direct debit facilities

Your guarantor does not need to own their home

You don't have to have been a resident of the UK for a specified length of time

More features

Minimum Criteria

You will need a guarantor

If you have a poor credit history, it's likely your guarantor will need to be a homeowner

Your guarantor will need to make your repayments if you can't afford to


Maximum APR 49.9%

Arrangement fee: £0

Early repayment fee: £0

Late payment fee: £0

Top 3 loans by score, reviews and cost

Compilation of Amigo's online reviews

4.7 out of 5 from 20,198 online reviews

Amigo has over 20,000 reviews online, on Trustpilot, Reviewcentre and Readies; however the majority of these are on Trustpilot:

  • 19,153 reviews
  • Excellent - 85%
  • Great - 11%
  • Average - 2%
  • Poor - 1%
  • Bad - 1%

We have compiled below a selection of these reviews, both good and bad.



My verdict of Amigo Loans

By Jon Edward

Lender performance rating 82.9 out of 100


You only have to see the large number of positive online reviews for Amigo to see they are the No 1 guarantor loans lender in the UK.

You will regularly see their adverts on TV, so they are also the best known off all guarantor lenders.

With loans from £500, the monthly payments can be very affordable.

Their online application process is well tuned and customer service team is generally very good.

Over 20,000 online reviews cannot be wrong, so if you are looking for a loan, then Amigo are an excellent choice.

Loan Description

1Plus1 offer loans from £500 (lower than the majority of the other lenders) up to £5000, a summary of the main features is as follows:

We always recommend comparing loans and researching other lenders before applying

Representative Example

The following is representative example of a 1 + 1 Loan

Representative 45.4% APR

Representative Example £3000 over 3 years, representative 45.4% APR Fixed. Monthly payment £140.84. Annual interest rate 23% Fixed. Interest payable £2070.24 Total payable £5070.24.