Loan Repayment Calculator

Estimate your monthly payments for bad credit and guarantor loans 👍

Amount (£1,000 - £15,000)
Term (3 - 60 months)
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Typically 6.6% for a GOOD Credit Rating / 23.3% for a FAIR Credit Rating / 49.9% for a POOR Credit Rating.
Monthly payments:
Total repayable:

Typical % APR's for different credit ratings

  • GOOD CREDIT - 6.60% APR
  • FAIR CREDIT - 23.3% APR
  • POOR CREDIT (with a guarantor) - 9.0% APR
  • POOR CREDIT (no guarantor) - 99% to 1,200% depending on your status and loan type

This loan calculator is for illustrative purposes only - get your payment terms from your chosen lender prior to signing your loan agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How should I use your loan calculator?

This calculator was designed to help you estimate your monthly repayments and total amount repayable across different

  • Loan amounts
  • Loan terms
  • Different APRs

Simply change the sliders to see the effect on monthly repayments and total amount repayable


How much should I borrow?

This depends on your own personal circumstances 🤷‍♀️

  • Need - how much you need, versus
  • Afford - how much you can afford, versus
  • Qualify - how much you qualify for, versus
  • Guarantor - how much your guarantor qualifies to support

Minimising borrowing typically lowers your financial commitment and minimises the amount of interest you must pay back.

  • Do a budget - If you're unsure as to how much you can afford to borrow, the Citizens Advice Bureau’s Budgeting Tool is a great place to start.
  • Lender affordability checks - all lenders will undertake affordability checks prior to approving a loan application.

What is the ‘loan term’?

This is the period of time 📆

  • You'll be making the loan repayments for - 4 weeks, 2 years, etc.
  • Against which the repayments are calculated

Effect of loan term on what you repay:

If you increase the term the monthly typically payments reduce, but the total interest payable increases; for example:

12-Month Repayment Term (borrowing £1,000 at an interest rate of 49.7%)

  • Monthly repayment - £102.98
  • Total amount payable - £1,235.72
  • Total interest payable - £235.72

60-Month Repayment Term (also borrowing £1,000 at an interest rate of 49.7%)

  • Lower Monthly Repayment - £39.42
  • Higher total amount payable - £2,365.07
  • Higher total interest payable - £1,365.07

These are only examples; to get lender quotes as to what you are likely to pay fill out our quick 3-minute form


What ‘loan term’ should I choose?

A longer-term and lower monthly payment may seem attractive but you will have

  • The debt for longer
  • A higher amount of interest to payback

Typically, you should pay the maximum you can afford per month to minimise the interest you have to pay, but ensuring the payments are comfortably affordable.

More FAQs


What is 'Representative APR’?

The Definition of 'Representative APR' is

  1. 51% of customers - the effective rate of interest that is paid by at least 51% of that companies loan customers.
  2. All fees and interest charges - taking into account all charges and fees associated with that product.

In the UK, Representative APR is considered the most accurate way to representing lender costs to simply compare different loans.

See FAQ: What does representative APR mean?

Rep APR example:

  • Our Representative APR is currently 49.9%; this is because over 51% of our customers pay an average rate of 49.9% APR including all fees and charges with their chosen lender.
  • This is still an average, but it helps you to compare one lender with another.

What is 'Annual Percentage Rate (APR)’?

This is the yearly total cost of the loan expressed as a percentage (%).

  • A good place to start - this is a good starting point when looking at the costs.
  • Does not include other fees and charges - if there are any other fees associated with the loan, these are not included in APR.
  • Not as accurate as Representative APR - for a better idea of what your borrowing costs from a lender will be, consider the Representative APR, as 1. above, as this does include all other 'fees and charges'.

When comparing loans, always use 'Rep APR' and not 'APR', this means you are more accurately comparing total average loan costs.


What are 'Monthly Repayments'?

An estimate of the monthly repayment based on

  • The amount borrowed
  • Loan term
  • APR

Typically remains constant for the duration of the loan term 👍

The figures on our calculator are estimates, to get lender quotes as to what you are likely to pay (based on your circumstances and the lender's products) fill out our 2-minute form


What is 'Total Repayable'?

The total amount that you will have to repay including 💷

  • The initial capital sum borrowed
  • All interest
  • All fees and charges

Need even more help?

See our Frequently Asked Questions section

We cannot offer advice

There is some great information here: (set up by the UK government), see: 'Help With Loans' by

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