'No Guarantor' Loans

Need a loan but have no guarantor? We can help you find a loan ✓

What is a non-guarantor loan?

A loan that does not require another person to co-sign or guarantee the loan; very much like a normal personal loan.

How do I get one?

Fill out our quick 3-minute form to get quotes on all the loans you qualify for.

Your form to 27 lenders* so is a very fast way to find the best loan deals. This does not effect your credit file, is free, secure, online and fast. All done without having to speak to anyone.

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Frequently asked questions


Can I get a loan without a guarantor?

Yes. Whilst guarantor loans typically have lower rates, if you do not have a guarantor, or do not want to ask someone, we do have a good number of lenders who accept people with a poor credit history.

To quickly find the lenders who will accept you, hit Apply and fill out our simple application form. You will then be presented with the loans available to you and their costs.


What are no guarantor loans?

A loan that you are solely responsible for paying back, and one that does not require someone else to back on your behalf.

The guarantor loan is not suitable for many people as there maybe no-one who is suitable, or willing to back their loan application.

The a ‘no guarantor loan’ therefore is just a ‘normal’ unsecured loan, so not secured against property, vehicles, or anything else. The amount you pay will be dependant on your credit history, disposable income and lender.

This type of loan is typically more expensive than the guarantor type, but all the lenders on our panel have been carefully selected to ensure the options available are as affordable as possible.


Are there fast loans with no guarantor?

Yes, the loan application and pay-out process is typically faster than a for guarantor loan.

If you complete all the information required by the lenders, there are many that will pay out within two hours of your application.

Make sure you have your income, expense and employment information to hand, plus bank account details, to ensure you have all the information that the lenders need.

Most of their systems and checks are carried out automatically online, so making a fast and efficient process.

To quickly get things moving press Apply , and fill out our simple application form.


Can I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

We understand that having a poor credit history can make it tough to get a loan; and if you are not careful, they can be very expensive.

We have partnered with a wide range of lenders who provide different options depending on your own personal circumstances.

If you are lucky enough to have someone who can back your loan, the cheapest option is typically the guarantor type.

However, we do have a good number of lenders on our panel who do not require someone to guarantee their loan, still at competitive rates.

To find out the options for you, press Apply , fill out our fast form, and get a list of the loan options.


Would it be cheaper to go to a lender direct?

No. Our service is completely free for you to use (see how we get paid). The loan interest and fees you pay relating to the loan is the same irrespective if you come though us or went to lender directly.

The advantage of using a service like ours, is speed; fill out one quick and simple form and we will do the hard find the best deals and lenders that will accept you.


What can I use the loan for?

There is no restriction to what you can use the loan money for, so long as it is legal. People typically use our loans for

  • Holidays

  • Weddings

  • New or replacement cars

  • Debt consolidation (to reduce monthly interest payments)

  • Emergency loans (replace boiler etc.)

  • Home improvement

  • and more

However, before taking on debt you should always consider how affordable this will be for you; a good way to work this out is to work though the Citizens Advice Bureau’s budget sheet.

Note that payments can cause you serious money troubles. For help, go to www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk.


Will I be credit Checked?

Yes. When you apply for any loan, one of the ways the lender assessed your ability to repay the loan is to check your credit history, plus that you are a UK resident, over 18, and not bankrupt.

However, the lenders on our panel have been specifically chosen because they do allow people with a less than perfect credit score.

However, typically the lower your credit rating, the more the loan will cost.


What is the cheapest loan?

Currently the lowest cost loan per month is listed at the top of our loan deals table; however, this can change from time to time, plus is not necessarily accurate for everyone’s circumstances.

For the most up to date information and the lowest loan cost for you based on your circumstances, please fill out our quick loan application, to see the best deal for you.


What criteria do I need to meet to get a loan?

Whilst specific criteria does vary from lender to lender, the basic criteria that applicant needs to meet includes:

  • Minimum of 18 years old

  • Be a UK resident

  • Have a UK bank account with a valid debit card

  • Have a regular income and to be able to afford the loan repayments

If you meet the above criteria, the next step is to Apply by filling out our quick application form, see the loans you qualify for, and then apply to you preferred loans.


Am I guaranteed to get a loan?

No. No lender or broker can guarantee their applicants that they will be able to provide a loan. For example, if you do not meet the basic criteria listed above, you will not qualify.

To find out if you qualify for a loan apply here .


Can you get an Amigo loan without a guarantor?

Amigo is specifically a guarantor lender, so unfortunately, they are unable to lend to those who do not have someone to back their loan application.

Amigo is an excellent lender with a very good reputation; however, they are not the only option is you have a poor credit history.

All the lenders on our panel who provide loans without a guarantor are quality lenders and regulated within the UK.

If you do not have someone to guarantee your loan, and need an alternative to Amigo, Apply Here to quickly see the loans you quality for.


What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, we have a very comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

Best No Guarantor Loans Deals

Showing the top 4 loans of 12, based on total price for £1000 over 12 months.

Likely Loans

Likely Loans Unsecured loan

  • £1,277.76 Total repayable
  • £106.48 Per month
  • 59.9% APR Representative
  • 8 reviews
SafetyNet Credit

SafetyNet Credit Specialist loan

  • £1,320.00 Total repayable
  • £110.00 Per month
  • 68.7% APR Representative
  • 4718 reviews
Fair Finance

Fair Finance Unsecured loan

  • £1,417.68 Total repayable
  • £118.14 Per month
  • 109.6% APR Representative
  • 39 reviews
Car Cash Point

Car Cash Point Logbook loan

  • £1,802.88 Total repayable
  • £150.24 Per month
  • 230.7% APR Representative
  • 982 reviews