See our lowest rate loans. £ amounts are based on a £3,000 loan over 36 months (for illustration only).  For more information see our FAQ's.

Lender Per Month Total Repayble Representative APR
UK Credit Company Logo UK Credit
(Homeowner Guarantor)
£134.10 £4,827.60 39.90% Apply
1 Plus 1 Company Logo 1 + 1 Loans £134.83 £5,177.88 47.80% Apply
Guarantor My Loan Company Logo Guarantor My Loan £145.17 £5,226.12 48.90% Apply
Trust Two Loans Company Logo TrustTwo £145.90 £5,252.40 49.60% Apply
Georg Banco Loans Company Logo George Banco £146.14 £5,261.04 49.70% Apply
Bamboo Loans Logo Bamboo Loans £146.14 £5,261.04 49.70% Apply
Amigo Loans Company Logo Amigo Loans £146,39 £5,270.04 49.90% Apply
UK Credit Company Logo UK Credit
(tenant guarantor)
£158.42 £5,703.12 59.90% Apply

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Frequently asked questions

1How can I find the cheapest loan?

Step 1: Find out if you can actually get a good credit loan

You should see if you can get a good credit unsecured loan as these will be cheaper.

To do this look at your credit file, then go onto one of the well-known compare loan sites online and see if you meet the lenders criteria or not. We suggest that you do not send off loan applications unless you are sure you meet the criteria as failed loan applications will damage your credit file.

If you do not meet the criteria:

Step 2: Compare our loans

We have partnered with the very best lenders in the UK offering the cheapest loans you can get if you have a poor credit file.

See our compare loans table.

2How can I find out what a loan will cost me?

The amount you have to pay will depend on the circumstances of both you and your loan backer.

You can estimate the monthly repayments for different loan amounts on our loan calculator.

Or for a fully accurate quote, please go to our loan apply form where you will be asking for an actual quotation from the most suitable lender based on your criteria (though with no obligation, cost, or checks on your, or your guarantor’s, credit file).

3Why is it so difficult to find an affordable loan with a poor credit history?

The usual route to find a loan is from one of the major banks and this is often one of the first places that people look, but most of the major banks have decided to only to lend to those with a clean credit file.

This has resulted in specialist lenders coming onto the market. The more well-known of these are those with a large marketing budget, and unfortunately, this cost typically goes directly onto the loan making them more expensive.

We have realised the difficulty of finding an affordable loan when you have a poor credit history, so we set up our compare table, loan calculator and loan apply form to help you easily find the best value loan possible.

4What other forms of bad credit loans are there and are they more expensive?

The main other types of bad credit loans are payday, instalment and doorstep loans, and a summary of these are listed below, and as you can see they are much more expensive:

Very short term loans typically between about £50 and £500 for up to four weeks (to your next payday) with rates up to about 1509% APR.

Small loans typically between £50 and £2,000 taken over three to 24 months, with rates from about 300% up to as high as 1,500% APR.

Small loans where the lender’s agent collects weekly payments from your house from between £100 and £1,500 over three to 12 months, with rates from about 270% to 400% APR.

5Can I get a more detailed explanation of loans with a guarantor?

Certainly, we have a dedicated page if you click here.

6Could I also get more information on the implications of being a guarantor?

Of course, we also have a dedicated page all about being a guarantor here.

7How it Works

Our mission is to make it quick and simple for you to find the best and cheapest guarantor loan.

We provide you easy access to all the very best lenders in the UK.

We summarise all loans on our easy to use compare table, and make getting loan quote so simple via our three minute loan apply form.

All you have to do is select which of the loans best suits your needs and apply to that lender.

8How the loans work

Guarantor loans are currently the most affordable type of loan for those with a poor credit history.

With representative APRs ranging from 39.9% to 54.9%*, they are typically much cheaper than payday, instalment and doorstep loans.

The reason that they are cheaper, is that you need to find a friend or family member with a clean credit history to back your loan application.

* Note these rates relate to the £500 to £15,000 loans, if you are looking for a smaller loan from £100 to £500, the representative APR for these loans is currently 302%.

9Further reading on other sites