Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans

Loans for tenants & those who do not own their own home 👍

All loans* are available to borrowers and guarantors who're not homeowners.

* Except from UK Credit

Buddy Loans Company Logo Buddy Borrower: Yes No Apply
Guarantor: Yes No
Guarantor My Loan Company Logo Guarantor My Loan Borrower: Yes No Apply
Guarantor: No No
UK Credit Company Logo UK Credit Borrower: No

Only homeowners accepted

Guarantor: No
Trust Two Loans Company Logo TrustTwo Borrower: Yes No Apply
Guarantor: Yes YES
TFS Loans TFS Loans Borrower: Yes No Apply
Guarantor: Yes Yes
1 Plus 1 Company Logo 1 + 1 Borrower: Yes No Apply
Guarantor: Yes No
Amigo Loans Company Logo Amigo Borrower: Yes No Apply
Guarantor: Yes No
Georg Banco Loans Company Logo George Banco Borrower: Yes No Apply
Guarantor: Yes No

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Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t own my own home, can you help?

From our panel of over 35-lenders we’ve loans that are:

  1. Available to tenants
  2. For people who don’t own their own home (living with parents etc.)
  3. ‘Unsecured’, so not secured against a property or vehicle.
  4. For those with a less than perfect credit score.
  5. For those who do, and do not have a guarantor.

How does a guarantor loan work?

They are typically the best value loans for tenants with a poor credit rating 👍

  • Lenders don’t look so much at the status of the applicant but the person backing their application (see criteria for more details)
  • It’s typically not a problem if the applicant doesn’t own their own home and has poor credit, so long as the loan is affordable for them.
  • These are the people this type of loan was designed for.
  • The applicant needs to find a loan backer, someone with a good credit history to support their application, usually a family member or friend.
  • The main criteria for the loan backer is to have a clean credit file and a regular income; they don’t have to be a homeowner – see more info here.

My guarantor doesn’t own a home, a problem?

They could be suitable 👍

  • If they have a clean credit file
  • Have a suitable regular income so the repayments are affordable to them if you ever defaulted.
  • Meet the guarantor criteria

See ‘Who can be a guarantor for a loan’


Can I use the money for home improvements?


You can use the funds for whatever purpose you wish
(so long as it’s moral & legal)

  • If you’re a tenant, remember to get your landlords permission before making any alterations, if you don’t:
    • Changes may be against the terms of your tenancy agreement, plus
    • You may be required to return the property to its original condition at the end of the tenancy!
  • Many people also use the funds for

Why’re loans more expensive for non-homeowners?

UK data says that defaults are higher for tenants compared to homeowners 🤔

  • Not a reflection on you or your backer, but unfortunately lender underwriting criteria.
  • However good rates still available from 47.8% APR.

Do you do 'no guarantor' loans?


However, the best deals are for people who can find a guarantor

  • You’ll need to show the loan is affordable
  • You cannot be insolvent (in an IVA, bankrupt, Trust Deed etc.)
  • See What’s the criteria

What will the loan cost?

Estimate your loan repayments with our loan calculator, but to get an accurate quote and to find out exact loan repayments

  • Submit your details to the lenders via our loan apply form
  • No cost, obligation, or impact on your credit file at this stage.

More FAQs


Will I get credit checked?

Your credit score will not be impacted by only getting quotes 😀

  • We do a soft search on your credit file which crucially does not leave a mark for other companies to see, which does not impact your credit score or impact any future credit applications.
  • If you decide to take out a loan, then both you and your guarantor will be subject to a hard credit check, but only after you have made a formal loan application with the lender. Too many hard credit checks over a short period of time can affect your credit score for six months, reducing your ability to get approved for credit in the future.

Can getting a loan improve my credit score?


  • By successfully making all your loan repayments without default, and
  • Repaying the credit in full

See our Credit Repair Guide


What’s the cost to use this website?

We’re a free service, zero charge 👍

  • We get paid by the lenders if you take out a loan.
  • Loans via us will cost you the same as if you went to the lenders directly.
  • For more information see how we get paid.

Is this like a home credit loan?

NO 👎

Home credit loans (also known as doorstep loans)

  • Are small Loans from £100 to £1,000
  • Where an agent for the loan company visits your home on a weekly basis to collect the loan repayments in cash.
  • Have typical Representative rates around 535% - 757%
  • Compared to our Representative APR of 49.5%.

Why not go directly to the lenders?

We save you the time and effort of applying to multiple lenders ⏱️

  • When you Get Quotes, we automatically check with up to 27 lenders and return your quotes in seconds
  • With no impact on your credit score
  • For free
  • All quotes are the same as if you went the lender direct
  • We get paid directly by the lenders

Even more questions?


Can non-homeowners and tenants get guarantor loans?